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Plans are underway for the Alamo Liaison Squadron annual Bluebonnet Picnic to be held on Saturday, May 5th, 2018. Gates open from 9:00 AM until 3:00 PM.

Please contact us if you would like to reserve a parking spot for your aircraft or if you, or your group, would like to volunteer at this event.

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(Past Event)
April 27, 2013 - Bluebonnet Picnic

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Alamo Liaison Squadron
 Alamo Liaison Squadron


(Past Event)
April 21, 2012 - Bluebonnet Picnic

Please join the Alamo Liaison Squadron on April 21st for our annual Bluebonnet Fly-in and picnic as we celebrate the Liaison Pilots and their aircraft. We also expect a number of other aircraft to attend including vintage WWII biplanes and trainers.


ALL DAY: Aircraft rides, "L-bird Theater," concessions, WWII veterans.

NOTE: All schedule times subject to change.

Visiting aircraft: We cannot currently offer fuel at Cannon Field. The nearest fuel is at Stinson Municipal (KSSF) just 8 NM to the northeast. Current fuel price is $5.99/gal. for 100LL. The cheapest fuel available is at Castroville (KCVB) and is $4.95/gal. for 100LL. Castroville is 17.5 NM to the northwest.

This year we are expecting (health permitting) at least two WWII liaison pilots including one of a very few remaining black liaison pilots.

Invited Veterans include:

L.D. Todd Weldon Taylor

L.D. Todd

Weldon Taylor, PHD

If you are looking for our grass field and having trouble finding it, find the big white Toyota plant, and follow the adjacent North/South road southbound until you see the major intersection. We are on the southwest corner.

RSVP on Facebook.

Attention pilots: The runway IS usable, but due to a lack of rain and wild animals, there are a few soft areas on the runway. We strongly advise the use of SOFT-FIELD landing techniques for all landings. We are doing our best to keep it in great shape, but will not be held responsible for any accidents due to improper technique.

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(Past Event)
April 17, 2010 - Bluebonnet Picnic

The 2010 picnic was held despite inclement weather. We had a great time with some WWII L-bird veterans who shared their stories with us. We managed to sneak in a little bit of flying despite the rain and fun was had by all.

Two of our out of town guests arrived April 16th with family members and we had lots of fun speaking with them!

Come out tomorrow to meet them, and at least one other WWII L-bird veteran!

The Alamo Liaison Squadron is hosting our annual Bluebonnet Picnic, Fly-in, and fundraiser on April 17, 2010. This year, among our regular attractions, we hope to have at least four WWII L-bird veterans present, from as far away as Washington State!

Please note that at the time of our last update on Thursday, April 15th, because of our out of state guests, we intend to hold the picnic portion rain or shine. If weather permits, all fly-in visitors are still welcome and we will attempt to fly our aircraft as well.

Tentative Schedule:


(Past Event)
April 25, 2009 - Bluebonnet Picnic

Alamo Liaison Squadron

The Alamo Liaison Squadron's Annual Fly-in, Barbeque and Fundraiser, The Bluebonnet picnic, was held as scheduled and was a great success. We will post pictures and a report after we have recovered and had some time to process them!

A BIG HUGE THANK YOU to all who helped make this year's picnic a success! We had a good turnout and a fun day. Updates and pictures to follow.

Below is a video from one of our guests - the audio quality isn't the greatest, but if you click on the YouTube link there is a transcript available.

Click below to view a video of the picnic.

Click on the graphic below to view this year's photo album.

Please thank our 2009 sponsors and contributors:

Click the image below to view this year's flyer in PDF format. The flyer also contains a map to Cannon Field. Click the video below to see an aircraft flour bombing.


(Past Event)
May 10, 2008 - Bluebonnet Picnic

The 2008 Bluebonnet Picnic was held as planned on Saturday, May 10th. Thank you to all of our sponsors and those who gave donations. The event was a great success.

Alamo Liaison Squadron

2008 Bluebonnet Picnic Highlights
Article by Alamo Liaison Squadron member Ryan Short

Alamo Liaison SquadronThe Alamo Liaison Squadron was formed to preserving the history of the L-birds and the pilots who flew them in the service of our country during WWII. As the years pass by, so do the opportunities to physically honor the L-bird pilots who are still with us. At this year's event the Alamo Liaison Squadron had the unique opportunity of hosting one of the few remaining pilots who served our country over the hostile skies of Okinawa during the fighting between American and Japanese forces at our annual Bluebonnet Picnic. After a couple of months of searching, the Squadron's small veterans search task force was increasingly frustrated as efforts to bring in some of the few remaining L-bird pilots were unsuccessful. In God's Providence, and thanks to the kindness of Sentinel Club president James Gray, a friend of an L-bird pilot from the Houston area contacted us a few weeks before the event and expressed interest in a veteran L-5 pilot attending Grasshopper Gathering. Naturally, we were equally interested in his attendance and arrangements were made.

Alamo Liaison SquadronA number of the Alamo Liaison Squadron members arrived early in the morning and all pitched in to prepare the food, set up the tables and chairs, get the aircraft ready, and take care of all the details necessary to run a decent fly-in. Despite some low clouds early on we had a really good turnout of visiting aircraft. The L-bird theater we'd hoped to put on wasn't as successful as we would've liked – mostly due to some electrical issues which we will be resolving in the near future. The good thing is that the few who stayed to watch the film really enjoyed it.

The L-bird pilot, Mr. L. D. Todd of Houston, TX, and his family showed up and we talked to them about his experiences. Shortly afterwards I took him over to the L-5 and asked if we could take some pictures. Once we were at the plane, I asked if he'd like to go for a ride. Boy did he like that idea. The last time he'd been in an L-5 was when he left Okinawa. It was a bit harder for him to get in, and we had to have him ride in the back seat, instead of the front seat he was used to. The flight went Alamo Liaison Squadronwell, I let him fly the plane around for a few minutes (which felt altogether too short...) and he seemed to enjoy the opportunity. Finally, I knew I had to get back to the field for the L-bird Demo briefing, so we came back to the field and landed. The joy Mr. Todd expressed after the flight was worth all of the work we'd done putting together the event. It was such a blast. Various people continued to talk with them afterwards and learned many neat things.

As usual we featured a barbeque and had some good food available for folks. During this time we talked about the history of the L-birds and of the Alamo Liaison Squadron, and also paid tribute to various groups and people that have helped us in the past year.

Right after lunch Matt V. and I launched for the L-bird demo. Basically, I take off in the observation aircraft (Usually the L-2) and do a pass, then spiral upwards and “loiter” over the “battlefield” while a narrator talks about the observation role. Then, Matt comes in and does a low pass, checking the field for suitability, then comes in and lands the L-5 and taxis back. Then a ground crew loads a stretcher case into the rear fuselage – like they would have been loaded into L-5s that were acting as the early medevac planes for the Army. Mr. Todd told us that on Okinawa, their L-5s could get a wounded soldier back to the hospital in 15 minutes – while it would take 3 hours by ground transportation due to mud and congestion on the roads.

The L-bird demo was followed up by a four-ship formation and a missing man pass by members of the ALS. This year's tribute was in memory of beloved ALS member Henry Whitemore who passed away a few months back.
Alamo Liaison Squadron

A local K-9 unit then demonstrated their dogs, and talked about their work supporting police operations, as well as the US Army in Iraq.

The last flying part of the day was the flour bombing and spot landing contests. The field was a bit weak this year, with only 4 pilots participating, but we all had fun and the crowd enjoyed it, too. Some guy flying the L-5 won both... ;-). The flour bombing is something of a trick to win, because we normally take bombardiers who are allowed to drop the bomb in the target zone, so between the pilot, and the bombardier, you can get some interesting results. The closest bomb was a whopping 42 ft from the target (I think). On the other hand the spot landing contest is fun in a taildragger, and 21 ft was the best 3-point distance (no bounces or wheel landings allowed) for the day. I particularly enjoyed taking a few young friends of mine up for the contest.

We finished up the day with a raffle drawing and some folks won some neat prizes. All in all we had a great picnic and fly-in, and the Squadron did well for the event also. The weather was a bit hot and we hope to move the event back to April next year. Come on out! This is our main fundraiser of the year, and every little bit helps to keep the planes flying.

Click the link below to view our photo album from the event.
Alamo Liaison Squadron

An L-5 lands during the "L-bird Demo"

Click here to view a photo album from the event.

The International Bird Dog Association put up a photo album here.

Jo Hunter posted some pictures here.


(Past Event)
May 5, 2007 - Bluebonnet Picnic

Thank You to EVERYONE who joined us for the 26th Annual Bluebonnet Picnic!

The 26th annual Bluebonnet Picnic fundraiser and fly-in on Saturday, May 5th at Cannon Field was a great success, thanks to the hard work of all of our squadron members. Please visit our sponsor's websites, and if you have an opportunity, let them know how much we appreciate their support. Check back for information on next year's picnic.

Click on the image below for a web album of pictures from the 2007 picnic:

ALS Picnic Photos


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