Cannon Field - Home of Alamo Liaison Squadron

The mission of Alamo Liaison Squadron (ALS) at conception was two-fold: 1) Locating, purchasing, restoring, and maintaining in original flying condition, a complete set of military liaison aircraft flown by all military services during World War II; and 2) Providing a facility for permanent protection, display, and operation of these aircraft. Today, Alamo Liaison Squadron is the proud owner of Cannon Field (53T), named for the group's founder, Hardy Cannon. Members of Alamo Liaison Squadron purchased the airfield and the surrounding property when Mr. Cannon passed away.

Aircraft at Cannon Field

Currently, the ALS fleet consists of the following aircraft (specifications vary):

The Alamo Liaison Squadron aircraft are flown by veteran pilots who have mastered the art of flying a "Taildragger." During the year, squadron pilots provide flyovers for local parades and events such as Poteet Strawberry Festival, Floresville Peanut Festival, Veterans Day and Memorial Day Ceremonies just to name a few.

Alamo Liaison Squadron L-birds

Squadron members not only fly the aircraft but also help in their restoration and maintenance. Over the years, more than 15 aircraft have come back to life at the hands of skilled squadron members. The art of "tube-and-fabric" repair and covering, which was becoming a vanishing talent, is still alive and well today at Cannon Field.

During World War II the War Department sought contracts from aircraft manufactures such as Taylorcraft, Aeronca, Piper, and Stinson-Vultee. One of the specifications was that the light aircraft used for liaison duties would be able to operate from grass and unimproved strips. Known affectionately as "Grasshoppers," these aircraft can be put down and can take off from short fields with ease.

Today, Alamo Laison Squadron maintains a collection Taylorcraft L-2, Aeronca L-3, Piper L-4, Stinson L-5, and Interstate L-6 flying examples. Some of these aircraft are owned by individual squadron members who base their aircraft on the field.

Visit the Alamo Liaison Squadron Picture Gallery to see some of aircraft that have called Cannon Field home.


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