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The Alamo Liaision Squadron

In 1981 Hardy Cannon, Bill Stratton, and a group of men in San Antonio, Texas formed the "Alamo Liaison Group" (ALG). Under the tutelage of Cannon, a Master Mechanic, the ALG in 1982 completed restoration of a 1941 Stinson L-1, a 1941 Taylorcraft L-2, a 1942 Aeronca L-3B, a Piper L-4, a 1942 Stinson L-5, and a 1942 Interstate (L-8) S-1A.

The ALG, which now operates under the name Alamo Liaison Squadron (ALS), is made up of San Antonio area business and professional men and women, some of whom are retired military. Many involved are also members in good standing of other WWII "old airplane" groups, such as the Confederate Air Force, Experimental Aircraft Association, and War Birds of America.

The organization is a fully qualified 501 C3 corporation which derives its funding from member dues and payments for flying time, contributions from organizers of the events supported and contributions from the general public, old airplane buffs, and visitors to Cannon Field. The contributions, which are all tax deductible, have come in many forms...as flyable aircraft, restorable aircraft, parts and cash.

The ALS appears at Air shows, Parades, Fairs, and other public events to further our mission of keeping the memory alive of those forgotten heroes, the "Liaison Pilots". The Texas Historic Commission has designated the Alamo Liaison Squadron as a flying historical museum. The group seeks to perpetuate in the memory and hearts of the American people the spirit in which these airplanes were flown for the defense of the nation.

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ALS Photos:

Short Studio - L-bird formation takeoffShort Studio - L-birds taxing at Cannon Field
Short Studio - L-5 medevac pickup demonstrationShort Studio - ALS aircraft perform Missing Man Formation Break

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Company G reenactors watch an L-5 take off


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