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Mediterranean Assault 2007

The Alamo Liaison Squadron and the Texas Military Forces Museum's Living History Detachment (G Company) held our inaugural World War II weekend event on Dec. 7-8, 2007 at Cannon Field in South Bexar County. The event featured battle reenactments, interactive history presentations, and a liaison aircraft demonstration.

The Mediterranean Assault staff and team are grateful for everyone who helped make this year's event a success.

Check back soon (a couple of weeks or so) for more photos from our event.

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The History

Sixty-five years ago, in late 1942, Allied forces in North Africa were in the final stages of defeating Germany's Afrika Korps, commanded by Field Marshal Erwin Rommel, "the Desert Fox." This campaign was the proving ground for American troops who ultimately would free Europe from Nazi and Fascist domination alongside their British and Commonwealth allies.

One month after the surrender of the Afrika Korps in May, 1943, the Allies invaded Sicily in an eye-opening campaign for American and Commonwealth commanders. On Sept 3, the Allies invaded the Italian mainland, including a landing at Salerno -- the first World War II action by the 36th "Texas" Infantry Division, a National Guard unit activated for Federal service. Fighting on the Italian Front was bitter; the terrain and climate made for rugged conditions that constantly tested the determination of combatants on both sides of the struggle through the war's end in 1945.

The Event

On Friday, December 7 members of Austin-based G Company and the Alamo Liaison Squadron hosted area school groups. Teachers and students were invited to organize visits to Cannon Field and view preparations for the Dec. 8 public history program, learn about World War II from experienced living historians, see the equipment used by forces on both sides of the Italian campaign and receive valuable instruction on the World War II portion of the Texas Assessment of Knowledge and Skills (TAKS) examination. Students who visit will be given a professionally prepared TAKS study guide.

Saturday's December 8 living history program is open to the public. Cannon Field will be transformed into a World War II battleground for:

  • Recreated skirmishes between US 36th Division and German reenactors
  • World War Two reenactors encampment
  • Demonstrations by restored vintage "L-birds," light aircraft used for artillery spotting, medical evacuation, VIP transport and communications* 
  • Speakers**
  • Restored military vehicles
  • A Pearl Harbor Weekend commemoration
  • Recognition of surviving World War II 36th Division veterans* *
  • A salute to the present-day 36th Infantry Division 

G Company will perform its Close Assault 1944 battle program, featuring authentic uniforms and equipment, while ALS aircraft fly overhead in support of the action. Join us for this educational event, the first of its type in the San Antonio area. Food and souvenirs will be available. Vistors are also welcome to come out in appropriate modest period attire.

* Schedules pending
** Weather permitting

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G Company members watch L-5 take off

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