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News Stories

Click the link below to read a news article and view a small video of a previous Close Assault up in Austin, TX.


Photo Section

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Alamo Liaison Squadron

Short Studio - L-bird formation takeoff

Short Studio - L-birds taxing at Cannon Field
Short Studio - L-5 medevac pickup demonstration

Short Studio - ALS aircraft perform Missing Man Formation Break

Short Studio - Taylorcraft L-2 on landing approach

Short Studio - Cannon Field - grass runways, taildraggers, and nostalgia

Short Studio - Cannon Field - Home of the Alamo Liaision Squadron

Short Studio - Taylorcraft L-2M flown and maintained by the Alamo Liaison Squadron
Short Studio - Taylorcraft L-2 flown by the Alamo Liaision Squadron

Short Studio - L-2 with L-5 in trail

G Company

G Company - members and vehicles at reenactment

G Company - Soldier talks with spectators
G Company - Vehicles, Reenactors, and spectators

G Company - Soldiers participating in infantry weapons firing demonstration

Cannon Field

Short Studio - Aerial view of Cannon Field




Click below to view a copy of our flyer:
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Mediterranean Assault Flyer


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